On every investigation we must ensure the health and safety of all our clients, team members and participants involved in every way.

Please take note on all of these rules as they are here to restrict any danger and distress to all that are involved in our service.

* All ticket sales are non -refundable

* Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be escorted off the premises and will be unable to return

* mobile phones must be switched off during the investigations due to the sensitivity of our equipment.

* violence or distressing comments to any participating persons will be removed from the investigation.

* If you suffer from any health issues such as epilepsy,heart problems, asthma ,diabetes etc please ensure that our team leader and first aider (Helen Martin) are aware so that we can help you if any issues occur.

* Smoking is prohibited apart from designated areas and at designated times.

* please ensure the safety of your own belongings we are not accountable for any missing items.

* ALLĀ  thieves will be prosecuted.

* If you accidentally break an item please don’t be afraid to let your team leader know.

* Anyone causing damage deliberately to any of our venues will be prosecuted

* Transport, accommodation andĀ  refreshments is not included in the sale unless stated on the events page.

* You enter every venue at your own risk.

* All participants must bring a torch and you may bring your own camera and if you have your own handheld ghost hunting equipment you may also use it on our investigations.

* Lone visuals are not aloud

* Please stay with your team at all times during the investigations.

By purchasing a ticket from our site.You are agreeing to these terms of conditions.

We hope to see you soon!!










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